Ground Meat Venison Goulash

A quick and easy comfort food recipe that comes together in 30 minutes with only 10 ingredients!

Tips:  It is important to cook the past to el dente. The pasta will continue to cook more once it is added to the hot red sauce mixture.


–  oil  – chili powder – salt – garlic powder – onion powder – paprika – Italian seasoning – tomato sauce or stewed – shell pasta – ground venison elk, deer or substitute ground beef

3 tips for cooking deer meat

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01 Cook the pasta to al dente.

02 Fry the ground meat and mix with sauce while pasta cooks.

03 The benefit to using a Dutch oven is that it can go right into the oven.

Use ground deer meat, elk meat or wild turkey

Lean meats sautéed in the  instant pot become very tender and flavorful!

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To reheat it, place a pan on the stove and add some butter to it. Once the butter has melted add in  goulash and stir. continuing to stir occasionally until warm.

Easy ground venison recipes to try!

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