Meg Austin,

1. Green Potatoes 2. Apple Seeds 3. Uncooked Beans 4. Green Tomatoes 5. Coffee Grounds


Visit Ninnescah Made and search 'chickens' to find more resources for starting your own backyard flock!

Learn how to choose hens that will lay the color of eggs you want! From browns, rust, olive and blue, there are so many to fall in love with!


Learn how much space hens need to live comfortably. The size of your yard and the square feet of the coop will determine the total chickens you'll be able to comfortably keep.


What does it mean when a hen goes broody? Broody hens are a common sight in the world of chicken keeping. Learn more here!


Learn about poultry grit and why it is beneficial for your flock. Grit for chickens is like their version of teeth.